A new/old extension to Visual Studio 2008 has been released on Friday, in the Visual Studio Gallery: PowerCommands.
It is the replacement of CoolCommands, and contains most of it's features and new features like: Copy/Paste class, Transform templates,Remove and sort Using's, etc...

There are a couple of missing, and yet important features like: Demo Font and Wheel font zooming.

For the full feature list and download go to PowerCommands at Visual Studio Gallery.

PowerCommands was created using the Visual Studio Extensibility framework (VSX), which is part of the Visual Studio 2008 SDK. This framework is used to create extensions to visual studio 2008.

Important: if you installed CoolCommands 4.0 in your VS2008, I suggest you uninstall it (If you don't there will be duplicates of some menu entries, like "Open Project Folder").

To remove it, open the Visual Studio Command Prompt (as administrator of course), navigate to the CoolCOmmands folder in your computer and run the following commands:

regasm /unregister CoolCommands.dll /Codebase

regpkg /unregister CoolCommands.dll /root:Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0 /Codebase

devenv /setup